Responsible Travel In The Golden Triangle

Whether you’re an outdoor sports seeker or prefer admiring nature at a slower pace, a road trip through the Golden Triangle holds many treasures. It’ll take you through two of Canada’s most stunning national parks, Kootenay and Yoho, past waterfalls and lakes and rivers, and into the heart of two authentic mountain communities.

The triangle is a hiker’s delight, there are stop-off trails all along the way, from short jaunts with a view to more strenuous, but rewarding, grinds. And, best of all, you can kick back at night in the towns of Radium and Golden, enjoying the relaxation of Radium’s hot springs or Golden’s epic views.

When you’re on the trail though, you have to be a little more alert. One of the key philosophies of traveling through national parks (and when you spend any time in the wilderness) is responsible travel. This includes considering how you might impact the environments that you visit, it goes beyond making sure to throw your trash in the garbage and considering how you might influence the wildlife that calls these areas their home and the plants, soil, and trees that live there too. In this sense, there are a few tips that you should know before you go…


Be Prepared

You’ve come to the wild to experience exactly that, its wilderness. As majestic as they are, the mountains can be unforgiving with weather changes, terrain, and other elements of nature. Thus, it’s incredibly important that you come prepared for time spent in the wilderness. You can find a full list of packing essentials here, but to get you started you should be bringing:

  • Warm layers (even on the hottest day, the weather can turn on a dime)
  • Extra food and water
  • First aid kit
  • Sun protection

Carry Bear Spray

Canada’s mountains are home to both black and grizzly bears. Although the chances of encountering an aggressive bear are low, you should know the “bear-aware” rules to help protect you, your group, and the bears. Carrying bear spray, and knowing how to use it, is one of the first steps. If you see wildlife, keep your distance and let them do their thing, you’re visiting their home after all.

Parks Canada has extensive resources on wildlife and bear safety, you can find that here.

Keep Dogs on Leash

The Golden Triangle is a great trip for you and for your dog too. They’ll love exploring the trails just as much as you do. Please remember to keep them on a leash when you’re in the National parks or exploring the wilderness around Radium and Golden. This is for their health, yours, and for wildlife. Leave no trace and pick up after your pet to make sure that our wilderness stays healthy and vibrant.

Stay on Designated Trails

It can be tempting to roam the forests and step off track on those big open viewpoints. But, alpine environments are fragile and can take a long time to grow and establish themselves. Footsteps can do more damage than you might imagine. Parks Canada has incredibly well-marked trails for just this purpose, to preserve and protect the landscapes we come to visit. Please be conscious of where you put your feet and where you choose to take your hike breaks.


Responsible travel ensures that your adventure is a good experience for you and for everything around you. These landscapes are so enjoyable to visit, and it's vital that we, as travelers, do our part to protect and care for them so that we can keep coming back again and again.


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